Sunday, August 2, 2020

UCLC Summer Class 2 莘莘暑期二班 8/3/20 - 8/7/20

1. 請點進下面的連結,印出課文。
Please click into the link below and print out the text.


2. 請點進下面的連結,印出字卡,剪開。
Please click into the link below and print out and cut out the flash cards.


3. 筆順練習  爸、能、幹、班、照、每、從、到、晚、還、接、送
Click into the link above and practice the strokes of the characters.

4. 寫生字各五次 (bà)、能幹(néng gàn)、班(bān)、照(zhào)、每(měi)、從(cóng)、到(dào)、晚(wǎn)、還(hái)、接(jīe)、送(sòng)
Please complete writing 5 times for each word on your writing notebook. Take a picture of your accomplished work and email 簡老師 at

5. 請準備一張色紙,點進下面的連結,我們來摺紙。
Please be prepared with a piece of colored square paper. Click into the link below. Let's do the origami!

摺紙 - 領帶

6. 加入Quizlet 暑期二班,玩 Quizlet《我的爸爸》
Please join Quizlet 暑期二班 and play Quizlet 《我的爸爸》


7. 玩拼圖 Play the puzzle. 

8. 不用拼音,跟著簡老師唸課文。練習好了,再錄音傳給老師。
Without the help of pinyin read the text of 《我的爸爸》after 簡老師. Record your reciting and email 簡老師 at

9. 不用拼音,跟著簡老師唸繞口令。練習好了,再錄音傳給老師。
Without the help of pinyin practice reading the tongue twister after 簡老師. Record your reciting and email 簡老師 at

10. 在家訪問你/妳的爸爸,準備星期五的分享,收集下列資料:
Interview your father at home and get ready for our Friday Share and Tell. Collect the following information:

    1) 爸爸的名字? My dad's name?
    2) 爸爸幾歲?How old is he?
    3) 爸爸的樣子?What does he look like?
    4) 爸爸會做什麼事?What can he do?
    5) 爸爸的三個願望?What are the three wishes of my dad?

11. 星期五分享日 Friday Share and Tell 
12. 小考 A quiz

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