Sunday, September 20, 2020

每日/週末四班 9/22/20 - 9/27/20 Weekday/Weekend Class 4

1. 偏旁相似字圖表請點進連結,印出圖表,在課堂上使用。Template for similar characters with the same side: Please click the link and print out the template for class usage. 

2. 點進以下的連結,寫出各生字(詞)的拼音用1、2、3、4來標名四聲。Click the link below and write the pinyin for each word (term.) Mark the tones with 1, 2, 3, or 4.




3. 練習不看拼音唸課文。Practice reading the text without the help of pinyin.

4. 造句: 用下列句型造句,可以參考課本例句,寫在寫字簿裡,照相,email 給簡老師。Use the patterns below to write sentences on your writing notebook. You may refer to the examples in the textbook. Take a picture of your accomplished work and email 簡老師 at

5. 朗誦詩歌,用你的話來說說這首詩的故事,可參考老師的範例,錄音,傳給簡老師。Recite the poem, tell the story using your own words. You may refer to the example. Record it and email 簡老師 at 

《簡老師的示範, example》

6. 點進這個連結,做 Quizlet 第一課的其他練習單元:Write, Spell 和 Test. Please click the link,每日四班 and work on the rest of Quizlet  Lesson 1 practices: Write, Spell and Test.





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