Monday, October 5, 2020

每日/週末四班 10/6/20 - 10/11/20 Weekday/Weekend Class 4

1. 課堂小組討論 Breakout room discussion

2. 練習不看拼音唸課文。
Practice reading the text without the help of pinyin.

3. 點進以下連結,寫出各生字(詞)的拼音: 用1、2、3、4來標名四聲。Click the link below and write pinyin for each word (term.) Mark the tones with 1, 2, 3, or 4.




4. 偏旁相似字圖表請點進連結,印出圖表,在課堂上使用。Template for similar characters with the same side: Please click the link and print out the template for class usage. 

5. 家庭樹請點進連結,印出圖表,在課堂上使用。強化 cousin 的不同中文稱呼(表哥、表弟、表姊、表妹、堂哥、堂弟、堂姊、堂妹)。Family Tree: emphasizing different ways of calling cousin in Chinese.

6. 造句: 用下列句型造句,可以參考課本例句 (32頁 - 34頁),寫在寫字簿裡,照相,email 給簡老師。Use the patterns below to write sentences on your writing notebook. You may refer to the examples in the textbook (p 32-34.) Take a picture of your accomplished work and email 簡老師 at

7. 唸繞口令: 跟著簡老師練習唸《獅子與蝨子》(課本第42頁),練到你能在三十秒內說完,再錄音,傳給簡老師。Tongue Twister (textbook p 42): Practice with 簡老師, record it when you can make it in 30 seconds. Email 簡老師 at


8. 點進這個連結,做 Quizlet 第二課的其他練習單元:Write, Spell 和 Test. Please click the link, and work on the rest of Quizlet  Lesson 2 activities: Write, Spell and Test.





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