Tuesday, March 9, 2021

每日/週末四班 3/9/21-3/14/21 Weekday/Weekend Class 4

1. 練習不看拼音唸第七課課文 Practice reciting the text without the help of pinyin. 


2. Classkick《填空和句型練習》 Classkick blank-filling and sentence pattern practice





3. 看圖說故事  Tell a story by the picture.

4. 看圖造句說故事  Tell a story using the sentence pattens by the picture.

5. 造句: 用下列附圖和句型造句,每個句型造一句,寫在寫字簿裡,用Classkick裡的照相功能拍照,貼在頁面上。Use the pictures and patterns below to write sentences on your writing notebook, one sentence for each pattern. Use the camera in Classkick to take a picture of your accomplished work and paste it on the page.

6. 朗讀繞口令《天上下雪》和《做早操》用Classkick工具條裡的錄音功能錄音,再貼在頁面上。 Recite the tongue twisters《買》and《做早操》. Record and paste it to the Classkick page. 

7. 第七課考試 請點進連結,做第七課的考卷。Please click the link and complete the test for Lesson 7.





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