Saturday, September 10, 2022

UCLC Class 4 莘莘每日四班 9/12/22-9/14/22

中秋節快樂! Happy Moon (Mid-Autumn) Festival!

1.  Welcome 歡迎👈    請點連結做自我介紹 Please click the link and fill out the form to introduce yourself                                                                                   

Please refer to the page (next to Home) of student names with pinyin👈, and try to at least type your name in Chinese.

2. 讓我們開始練習中文打字,把中文加入你的鍵盤。Let's add Chinese language to your key board, so we can start learning typing in Chinese. Here is how:   



3. 第一課課文跟讀 Recite Lesson 1 text.

4. 字卡 Flashcards 印出字卡並剪開 Please print out the flashcards and cut them out.

5. Classkick 功課連結 Homework Link

6. 寫生字(詞) 下列生字(詞)各寫五次在寫字簿上,加上拼音,請把完成的寫字功課,用Classkick裡的照相功能拍照,貼在頁面上。Please complete writing five times for each word (term) on your writing notebook, making sure you write pinyin for each character. Use the camera in Classkick to take a picture of your accomplished work and paste it on the page.


7. 點進這個連結,加入Quizlet 每日四班,做第一課的練習單元Learn & Flashcard. Please click the link, join the members of Quizlet 每日四班 and work on Lesson 1 practices: Learn & Flashcard.

8. 第一課生詞 Lesson 1 Vocabulary

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