Friday, December 8, 2023

週末/每日四班 12/9/23-12/13/23 Weekend/Weekday Class 4

1. 課文II/附拼音 Let's Read/Text 2 w/pinyin

2. 動物 Animals

3. 口頭報告:我的寵物 Oral Presentation: My Pet

4. Classkick 功課連結 Homework Link


👈 (週末四班 Weekend Class 4) 


👈 (每日四班 Class 4)

5. 寫生字(詞) 跟著老師的範例,依序寫出部首、字、詞,加上拼音,請把完成的寫字功課,用Classkick裡的照相功能拍照,貼在頁面上。Please follow the example. Write the root, characters, and terms on your writing notebook, making sure you write pinyin for each character. Use the camera in Classkick to take a picture of your accomplished work and paste it on the page.

6. Quizlet 第三課 TestPlease work on Lesson 3 practice: Test.
👈 (週末四班 Weekend Class 4) 



👈 (每日四班 Class 4)   

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