Friday, January 19, 2024

週末/每日四班 1/20/24-1/24/24 Weekend/Weekday Class 4

1. 課文II/附拼音 Let's Read/Text 2 w/pinyin

2. 量詞 Part 2 Measuring Unit Part 2

3. Classkick 功課連結 Homework Link


👈 (週末四班 Weekend Class 4) 


👈 (每日四班 Class 4)

4. 寫生字(詞) 跟著老師的範例,依序寫出量詞和加上量詞的生詞,加上拼音,請把完成的寫字功課,用Classkick裡的照相功能拍照,貼在頁面上。Please follow the example. Write the measuring unit and the objects with the measuring word on your writing notebook, making sure you write pinyin for each character. Use the camera in Classkick to take a picture of your accomplished work and paste it on the page.

5. Quizlet 第七課 TestPlease work on Lesson 7 practice: Test.

👈 (週末四班 Weekend Class 4) 


👈 (每日四班 Class 4)

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