Tuesday, June 1, 2021

每日/週末四班 6/1/21-6/6/21 Weekday/Weekend Class 4

1. Classkick 機器人做家事練習 Classkick robots doing housework practice


2. 跟讀第十二課課文 在 Classkick 裡錄音,貼在頁面上。Recite the text of Lesson 12. Record your reciting of Lesson 12 text. Use the recording function in Classkick and paste your audio on the page. 

3. 請點進下面的連結,印出字卡,剪開 Please click the link below, printing and cutting out the flash cards.

4. 寫生字(詞) 下列生字(詞)各寫五次在寫字簿上,加上拼音,請把完成的寫字功課,用Classkick裡的照相功能拍照,貼在頁面上。Please complete writing five times for each word (term) on your writing notebook, making sure you write pinyin for each character. Use the camera in Classkick to take a picture of your accomplished work and paste it on the page.


5. 機器人做家事 Robots doing housework

6. 小組討論 Group Presentation

7. 做 Quizlet 第十二課的練習單元 Learn 和 Flashcards Please click the link, and work on Quizlet Lesson 12 activities: Learn and Flashcards.






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