Tuesday, June 15, 2021

每日/週末四班 6/15/21-6/20/21 Weekday/Weekend Class 4

1. Classkick 句型練習 Classkick practice


2. 練習不看拼音唸第十二課課文 Practice reciting the text without the help of pinyin.

3. 偏旁相似字圖表 請點進連結,印出圖表,在課堂上使用。Template for similar characters with the same side: Please click the link and print out the template for class usage. 

4. 小組報告 Group Presentation

5. 第十二課考試 Please click the link and complete the test for Lesson 10.





6. 虛擬再見派對 Virtual Farewell Party

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